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Derek Anderson

Derek Anderson drew the very first picture he can ever remember drawing when he was in kindergarten at Roosevelt Elementary School in Ames, Iowa.

It was a crayon drawing of the Easter Bunny.


Derek Anderson


When he finished it, Derek walked it down the hall and proudly presented it to Mr. Berhow, the principal of his school. Mr. Berhow displayed that picture on the wall of his office for the rest of the school year. Derek's fate was sealed. From then on, he knew he was going to be an artist.

When he reached second grade, Derek wrote his first story and he's never stopped writing or drawing since.

Derek has created more than twenty-five books for children about ducks, dragons, more than a few dogs, a speedy hamster, a gorilla, ten pigs and some other furry and non-furry friends. His books have appeared on the New York Times bestseller list, the Publishers Weekly bestseller list, Bank Street College’s Best Books of the year lists and garnered awards including the National Parenting Publication Gold Award, the CBC Children’s Choice Award and many state awards.

Derek lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife, Cheryl, and their dog, Louie.