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From School Library Journal
PreS-K - In this fourth entry about an adorable duck, Little Quack and his four visually distinct siblings meet Little Ribbit. While the other ducklings are wary of him at first- he's too little, too green, and a FROG! -Little Quack has no such hesitations, and "quack, quack, ribbit, ribbit!" off they go. As it turns out, the frog's sense of fun perfectly matches that of the ducks. He loves to splash, squish in the mud, bounce on a log, and dunk in the water. As their play moves from one activity to the next, the other ducklings join in the fun one by one. The text uses repetitive phrasing, lively wordplay, and entertaining sound effects ("Plunka, splunka, plunka, splunka, plunk!") to move the story along. The acrylic artwork is filled with bright close-ups that depict the endearing characters. The large colorful pages, heartwarming message of friendship and acceptance, and contagious enthusiasm will attract readers. Filled with unequivocally positive engergy, this exuberant tale shows children the joy of making new friends.-Martha Topol, Traverse Area District Library, Traverse City, MI

From Kirkus Reviews

Little Quack's latest outing has him teaching his siblings a valuable lesson about making friends. When Little Ribbit appears at the pond, Widdle, Waddle, Piddle and Puddle all find a reason not to play with him; He's too tiny, too green, he can't quack and he's a frog! But Little Quack is game. The two start by splashing by the reeds; they have so much fun that Widdle asks to join them. One by one, all the ducklings decide that having fun and playing together are more important than excluding someone who is different. Young readers will be delighted with the sound effects that accompany the fun: "Splishy, sploshy, splish." Anderson's acrylic artwork is again the star of the show. Simple details, bold colors and large characters are sure to draw readers in, and the adorable sweetness of the ducklings and frog will hold them there. Sure to be a big hit with Little Quack fans, and with all adults wishing to impart a gentle lesson about inclusion. (Picture book. 2-6)